Life Coach Janice
Helping you move forward

Life Coaching

Life Coaching


I use a blend of traditional coaching questions, NLP techniques and affirmations to allow you to discover the right answers for yourself.

Together we will uncover what is blocking the way and causing lack of progression. After a free 30-minute discovery session we will work together to find relevant material for the coaching sessions.

Gaining resilience to tackle challenges is a common thread with my clients, together with a desire to increase motivation and self-esteem. By showing you how to see a different perspective, you can uncover new ways to move forward, and realise you are taking back control of the situation. 

Finding positive coping strategies and ensuring the desired outcome is understood, means the first step towards achieving a goal is taken. Full recognition of your achievements is paramount to me, so I will be in your corner cheering you on every step of the way! 



When you work with me you will have...

A clear idea of your next step
A feeling of control with your situation
A reality check - you don't have to be perfect!
A boost in motivation
A rediscovery of excitement about your future
A shift in perspective allowing your answers to flow
A renewed sense of purpose
A greater understanding of your values and beliefs
Me in your corner cheering you on!

When faced with difficult life events I can always rely on Life Coach Janice to remind me to take small steps to see one thing at a time. She has supported and encouraged me to believe in myself, and as a result of this my self-esteem has blossomed.
— Gail