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I have worked with Janice for a number of years now and she is an authentic and passionate coach, insightful and intuitive. It is a pleasure to have her as a coaching colleague and friend, and soon to be Laughter Yoga Leader too.

I am delighted that Janice has booked onto the Life and Laughter schools Laughter Leaders training in November. Janice will be one of the first Life and Laughter School, Laughter Yoga Graduates. Janice has a wonderfully bright, light and joy filled spirit, and I am very excited about seeing the way she brings ‘laughter to life’ or should I say ‘life to laughter’?

Look out, look out! Life Coach Janice is about and she is laughing!
— Caroline Hart, Life and Laughter Coach

When faced with difficult life events I can always rely on Life Coach Janice to remind me to take small steps to see one thing at a time. She has supported and encouraged me to believe in myself, and as a result of this my self-esteem has blossomed.
— Gail

Janice has constantly steered me in the right direction and kept me focused. Her techniques are engrained in me and are invaluable. After an extremely turbulent year, Janice has kept me afloat enhancing my resilience allowing me to tackle whatever life threw at me next.

Many aspects on my life were difficult, from teenager issues, university visits, nearly losing my home, moving house, financial difficulties and mental health problems. Using the techniques she taught me, I have emerged through this difficult and emotional time of my life – it has taken a lot to overcome.

I feel extremely fortunate she was able to give me a structure to follow, and enabled me to see that there is always a positive way forward. I apply this coping format in all that I do, and it now comes naturally. I have known Janice for many years, and she has experienced challenging life changing events herself, so I consider her an expert in knowing how to enable clients to change their lives around.

She is not only a Life Coach, but a life saver!
— Sue

My day was not quite going according to plan, but I did however keep my first coaching appointment with Janice, what a fantastic session! Exactly what I needed, and I am excited for the coming week and the goals I have set. I am really looking forward to our next session. Sometimes everyone needs a bit of extra guidance in one way or another and Janice is providing mine!
— Clare, Forever Living Products

Janice helped me through a situation at work where I was stressed, using NLP, she guided me through a process that enabled me to recognise my achievements so far, and put the situation into perspective. The next day work moved more efficiently and I had great news from a project I had been working on! I recommend Janice for her friendly, proactive coaching skills, delivered with zest and a true interest in improving your wellbeing.
— Natalie, Health and Wellbeing Coach