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Growing time at Women Work 2018

Luckily time didn’t run away with me during my talk on Friday 20th April at Women Work! The sun was shining and showed off the beautiful Salomans Estate, and the Gold Room was packed with expectant faces.  It had been quite a challenge for me to fit everything I wanted to say about time into the 25 minute allocated slot – the irony of this didn’t escape me!

I began by quoting the inspirational Deepak Chopra who says in his meditation practices - “I will have enough time.  Time will expand so I can do all I need to do today”.  This fascinates me.  We all have the same 24 hours each day, but there are some people who have the ability to achieve an extraordinary amount in a day, whilst others run out of time and get very little, or nothing done at all.

Ania Jeffereys the event organiser, had asked the speakers to pass on a strategy with useful tips to the audience during our talks.  It occurred to me that the GROW model would be a perfect fit, and using Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP, as a way to explain how to implement it.

I centred my talk on the four steps of the GROW model Goal, Reality, Options and Way.  Explaining how we can look to improve our relationship with time with improved focus, I asked the audience to think of a goal that they wanted to achieve, but hadn’t been able to find time to do so yet.

Looking at typical questions under each of the headings, I encouraged the audience to think BIG when looking at their ‘G for Goal’.  Broadening our horizons gives us more options, and this really helps to open up the mind and encourages that feeling of ‘flow’ – when all feels right with the world, and we know we can achieve anything at all.

‘R for Reality’ looks at where you are right now with regards to your goal, and how to find the next step forward.  I emphasised how it is vital that you only use positive language to yourself about yourself, that way you are far more likely to succeed and keep out of your own way, and avoid obstacles.

With ‘O for options’ I explained how you don’t have to go it alone, and encouraged the audience to think about who can help them achieve their goal.  Having a buddy or team by your side helps to maintain momentum and motivation - it’s always good to have somebody cheering you on!

‘W for Way’ (or When/Where) asks when will you implement your bit sized steps towards your goal?  And finally, I emphasised how crucial it is that we celebrate our successes.  This enables us to engage with all the feel good endorphins experienced with achievement, and can be replicated as a successful strategy again and again in the future.  

And what’s not to love about a celebratory glass bubbly? 

I am certainly celebrating a successful day at Women Work 2018 as time did indeed expand and allow me to say all I wanted to in 25 minutes!!

Janice Leahy