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The Power of You – my workshop at the Health and Wellbeing Live Show

I was offered a workshop slot at the show at quite short notice, to which my husband said ‘that’s only because somebody else has cancelled’!  I said ‘I don’t care, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a local health and wellbeing event championing the industry I work in!’

Ignoring his pessimism, I began writing my workshop for the Saturday afternoon slot at 3.30pm with excitement and motivation.  Having experience of writing workshops in my HR role certainly helped, but writing one incorporating NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) as a Life Coach felt altogether different, and totally inline with my passion to enable my clients to find their next step forward.  And also a little scary.

Recently I realised that many of my clients arrive at their session carrying limiting beliefs about themselves and their capabilities, and out of habit, continue to take them everywhere they go.   So I decided to include how to bust these common limiting beliefs into my workshop, as I felt this would appeal to quite a wide audience.  Knowing my audience would be people looking for health and wellbeing was reassuring, but not knowing their names as I would in an HR environment was a new challenge.

I included some main elements of NLP:  programming, use of language - including body language – and modalling together with a demonstration of one process which is very successfully in change work – anchoring (more about that in another blog to come).  I hoped for a minimum of 6 people and 16 turned up on the day!

The success of my workshop and the assurance I felt afterwards, together with the positive feedback I received, reminded me to grab every opportunity however it presents itself, as you never know where it might lead.

And who needs ‘If only’?

Janice Leahy