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Making Every Moment Matter – inspired by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey

‘Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.’ Walt Whitman

Ironically I could not seem to quite find the time to write this blog!!!  Hilarious I know, especially as I felt positively over come with an ‘all the time in the world’ feeling after participating in Deepak and Oprah’s 21 day meditation recently.  The theme was time, and I was thrilled as I didn’t seem to have enough of it, so I started with an eagerness and enthusiasm.

Over the 21 days, I listened and practiced the daily meditations provided.  Each day involved a ‘centering thought’ and a ‘Sanskrit mantra’ with its translation.  Oprah would do an introduction using her vast wisdom and valuable experience, and then Deepak would follow with further insights and instruction on the meditation to follow.  There was also a beautiful picture to gaze at each day.

I found I got into a rhythm, and by practicing first thing in the morning, I found the centering thought permeated into the rest of my day, and I gradually became aware that time appeared to be slowing down.  Of course time wasn’t slowing down at all, I had adjusted my relationship with time, and found myself repeating one mantra from Deepak in particular which really resonated with me -

‘I will have enough time.  Time will expand so I can do all I need to do today’.

And sure enough – it did.  Day 17 entitled ‘Mastering Awareness Skills’ was very useful to me. Deepak explained that by ‘being in flow and in alignment with yourself, you can find your own current and ride the wave of your own life.’  He went on to say it is our job to find this for ourselves.  I found this really powerful.  Being in control of our own lives can be less than easy when we are pulled from one thing or person to another.  This felt like permission to orchestrate my own flow, making it all mine, and to my own personal specification.

Having a better understanding of my relationship with time and the trust that I will have enough of it to achieve everything that I need to do is liberating.  I now feel that my flow is a working progress, which I see as stretching and flexing to accommodate whatever comes my way.

Oprah said that she sees commitment as ‘what is required of me’ and contentment as ‘what I require for myself’.  When we continue to put other people first and not check back in with ourselves, we are ignoring our fundamental need for rest, replenishment and relaxation.  Then we can get bitter, frustrated and angry at all the giving we are doing, and resentment can set in.  A sense of never having enough time for ourselves and the things we want to achieve can become the norm.

Do you ever hear yourself saying ‘there’s never enough time’ or ‘time flies’?  By staying in the now you can resist wasting precious time chasing what might happen in the future, or regretting past mistakes.  It takes skill and practice to achieve ‘being in the moment’, and with mindfulness and meditation practice old habits can be broken, preventing us from being pulled into the past or future.  Focusing on who is in front of you instead of multitasking is a good place to start.  By truly listening to what somebody is saying, we are validating and valuing them.  And who doesn’t want that?

I would like to share 3 tips I value most from this meditation practice.  I hope they are useful to you, and help to improve your relationship with time.  I would love to hear how you get on.

1 To help stay in the hear and now, list 3 things you like about it e.g. I feel more focused, I feel    more like myself or I connect better with other people.

2 Find a mantra that resonates with you – such as ‘I develop my awareness skills every day’.

3 Manage your time – plan and stick to it and ‘car park’ distractions for another day.


Janice Leahy