Life Coach Janice
Helping you move forward




Why I have chosen to become a Life Coach

I am a Life Coach based in Southborough offering one to one sessions from my home, where I am lucky enough to have a lovely peaceful room overlooking our garden that is private, safe and spacious.  My passion is to enable clients to move forward and to help them discover their next step towards their desired outcome – whatever that may be.

Finding that next step can be daunting when life throws challenges our way, and unexpected events can challenge even the most determined.  Finding strategies to return to the path takes courage, resilience, confidence and motivation, all of which can prove illusive when we are feeling off balance, anxious or stressed by life’s events.

My path has taken me in many different directions without warning or a map to follow.  10 years ago, totally unexpectedly, I became my husband’s carer after he was diagnosed with end stage heart failure.  Our sons were 4 and 7 years old at the time.  He was fitted with an artificial heart pump and was placed on the organ transplant list.  And so our family began a journey that at best, could have been described as a rollercoaster.  Each and every challenge we faced brought heartache, pain, hardship, worry, anxiety and stress.

It never occurred to my husband to give up, he continued to remain strong and positive throughout the whole time, no matter what the hospital threw at him.  He endured hours of surgery, 6 weeks in ICU without seeing our boys, regular dressing changes, endless blood tests, but he NEVER complained.  He refused to discuss any other options other than to live.  How could I give up seeing him taking each step forward he needed to achieve that?

I watched him lose the life we knew, but I realise now that he never lost his identity or dignity.  This is what motivates me to enable my clients to find their next smallest step, no matter how impossible it feels to them.

Janice Leahy